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The garden is located at the 210 freeway and Sunland Boulevard in Sunland, California, 91040, in the east San Fernando Valley.

For more information, including full plans for the garden, a plant list, and an essay on the motivation for the garden, Look in our Facebook photo album “Garden Plans“.

The garden started as an off-hand comment between two native plant nuts about the Fountain Grass, and wouldn’t it be nice to replace it with local native plants. With great help from a number of people, we’ve now adopted the property from the City, and have planted over 50 species of plants from locally sourced seeds and cuttings representing the very best of the 300+ species of plants documented growing in the local hills since the year 2000. The garden will evolve over the next few years, as plants grow up and we’re able to grow some that are being challenging.

In 2013 we started gardening on the plot across the street as part of the Wildflowering LA art project. Unfortunately the wildflowers themselves were mostly a bust. In 2014 we solarized part of the soil, then planted the Wildflowering Annex with a simpler palette of local native plants that have grown without any supplemental irrigation, as there is no infrastructure on the site.

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